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MPTA COVID-19 Update Center

COVID-19 Transit Resources

Missouri transit agencies are changing their day to day operations to help combat the outbreak of COVID-19.  Agencies are going beyond taking measures to increase cleaning and sanitation procedures of vehicles and high-touch surfaces, by employing new strategies to accommodate social distancing and decrease the virus’s spread. The MPTA staff are working to keep agencies and the public up to date with resources and examples of solutions being deployed across the nation.


COVID – 19 Cleaning

Regular cleaning and disinfection of transit fleets, transfer centers, bust stops, and high-touch surfaces is an important part of reducing the spread of COVID-19.  Click the button below for cleaning resources.

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COVID-19 Operator Safety

Transit agencies across the country are stepping up to ensure vital service while taking safety precautions for staff and riders alike during the COVID-19 outbreak. Operator Safety is imperative to ensuring an agency’s ability to continue to provide service through this crisis. Click the button below for operator safety resources.



COVID-19 Service

Missouri transit agencies have made several adjustments to policies and transit operations in the past weeks to support the safety of riders and employees while continuing to provide critical transportation services during the COVID-19 crisis. To support these efforts many agencies strongly encouraging riders to access services for essential trips only.  Other service changes have been necessary as well.  Click the button below or more information about changes to service across Missouri.



Other Resources for COVID-19 Information:

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