Transit is essential to Missouri and so is your partnership with MPTA.



Transit System

For Transit System Partners, there is a base fee based on the size of the agency plus number of vehicles in each fleet.

Base Fees are as follows:  Large Urban $25,000; Medium Urban $15,000; Small Urban $2750; Rural Urban $400.

Please contact Kim Cella at or 314.930.6853 for complete details.

Transit Partner Member


(Metropolitan planning organizations, regional planning commissions.)

Supplier (Vendor) Member


(Corporations engaged in supplying goods or services to the public transit industry.)

Associate Member


(Organizations that use transit to provide service to the organization’s clients; or, represent clients who are dependent on public transit. Examples of such organizations include, but are not limited to, social service agencies, sheltered workshops, and advocacy organizations for the disabled; and, other similar organizations. Associate members also include non-profits)

Individual Member


(Individual supporters of public transit who are not affiliated with an organization in another membership category.)



MPTA offers a variety of membership benefits. One of the most important is our highly successful legislative advocacy program. At both the national and state levels, MPTA keeps a close eye on legislation affecting public transit and also advocates for equitable public funding for transit services. Since 1994, we have helped secure over $40 million in federal capital earmarks to purchase vehicles and upgrade facilities statewide. At the state level, we’ve advocated successfully for funding increases in the Missouri Elderly and Handicapped Transportation Assistance Program (MEHTAP) and secured dedicated state funding for operating assistance to systems across the state.


MPTA provides its members outstanding educational and networking opportunities. Our Annual Meeting is packed with interesting and informative presentations on topics ranging from marketing to vehicle maintenance. Nationally recognized experts in the transit industry bring their knowledge and experiences to our members. Our Annual Meeting also gives MPTA members an opportunity to network with other professionals to exchange experiences and solutions to common challenges. And our annual Total Transportation Day event brings elected officials into direct contact with hundreds of transit-dependent citizens from across the State.


MPTA keeps its members informed and in touch with our weekly e-blast newsletter, annual membership directory and through “Legislative Alerts” that give members information on late breaking legislative action. Members receive descriptions of pending legislation and regulatory actions and concise instructions on what they can do to ensure the interests of public transit are protected.