Information for Transit Providers Receiving FTA Funding Regarding COVID-19

Below you will fine information directly from the FTA website that applies to recipients of FTA funding. Also, please feel free to send additional questions to

Q: How should a public transportation system determine whether it should suspend operations in an area with an outbreak?

A: FTA grantees should follow the direction of local and state public health and law enforcement agencies. This local and state information generally is coordinated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Homeland Security and is the most accurate assessment of the situation locally. A transit agency also should notify FTA before suspending operations. Also, please copy when notifying FTA of service changes.

Q: How can FTA funding support transit agency response measures? 

A: FTA grantees may use their Urbanized Area Formula Grants (Section 5307) and Formula Grants for Rural Areas (Section 5311) funds to take protective measures to protect health and safety, such as cleaning of rolling stock, which is considered preventive maintenance (a capital expense) and is eligible for an 80-percent federal match. Personal protective equipment (PPE) and other measures are eligible as either a maintenance or operating expense, whichever is appropriate.