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Transit Cleaning Protocols to Combat COVID-19

Missouri Providers:

  • City Utilities – has added bleach component to driver area and is switching buses midday for cleaning purposes
    • Has hired on additional professional cleaning services through ServePro
    • Cleaning shelters daily
    • Switching buses midday for cleaning purposes
  • SMTS – changed cleaning protocols, cleaning more high utilization areas.
  • KCATA – Added a fogger to the bus cleaning routine
  • Bi-State/Metro Transit – CDC recommended cleaning measures, spraying vehicles, public notices added on vehicles, additional handwashing stations at critical stops
  • JEFFTRAN – Increased cleaning and fogging on vehicles

Providers from Across the Nation:

  • CTA – Daily cleaning with spot cleaning throughout the day
  • KCM
    • Disinfecting buses end of day
    • Using a bleach solution to wipe down high-touch surfaces
      • Buttons, handholds, pull cords, rails, and stanchions
      • Transit operator’s work areas.
  • Maryland MTA – MDOT MTA has proactively initiated an enhanced daily wipe-down of bus, rail, and paratransit vehicles to include disinfecting areas with high passenger touchpoints
  • MBTA – Bus interiors being cleaned during midday layover and overnight
  • Palm Beach – Disinfecting buses after each run, vs end of day
  • SFMTA – Daily cleaning with strong disinfectants used on high touch surfaces
  • TTC – TTC has changed the design of their depots to ensure social distancing
  • Rider Hygiene Measures:
    • BART – Personal hand straps
    • Columbus Cota – Every vehicle has a hand sanitizer dispenser, stocked daily.
    • Miami-Dade Transit – Agency has provided hand sanitizer to riders for five years now, but is looking at installing additional dispensers
    • San Diego MTS – Handwashing stations placed at all 53 trolley stations


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