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COVID-19 Operator Safety Improvements Currently in Place:

Missouri Providers:

  • OATS, Inc. – Plexiglass shield install on wide-body cutaway (floor plan II)
  • City Utilities – Installed temporary driver barriers in buses, also split drivers into two teams to help preserve workforce
    • JEFFTRAN is working with a local upholsterer (using DOT-approved materials) to fabricate bus operator barriers on fixed-route buses
  • Daily temp screenings for all employees:
    • Bi-State/Metro
    • KCATA
  • Bi-State/Metro –placed an orange line on vehicles to allow for social distancing with operators, and added additional handwashing stations at critical stops
  • Bi-State/Metro drivers now have gloves
  • Boarding from rear entry doors:
    • Bi-State Metro
    • KCATA
  • Suspended fare collection for driver safety
    • JEFFTRAN – suspended fares on fixed routes
    • Bi-State Metro – Removed cash fares on buses
  • JEFFTRAN – providing masks to riders that appear ill
  • SMTS – Limited access to buildings to promote social distancing

Providers from Across the Nation:

  • Driver temp checks
  • Physical barricades
    • Honolulu TheBus– Installing a new red line 6 feet behind the bus operator
    • Houston METRO – Transparent protective barriers have been placed on buses
    • KCM – Physical barricades to protect driver (behind first wheel well)
    • LA Metro – Requiring all bus operators to use the transparent protective barrier that helps isolate them
    • Las Vegas RTC – Each bus is equipped with a driver enclosure
    • Phoenix Valley Metro -Seats near the operator are blocked off
    • Pittsburgh Port Authority – Some buses have been equipped with plastic shields
    • Salt Lake City RideUTA – moved the yellow passenger line back on our buses so that there is 6 feet between our operators and riders
    • San Diego MTS – Stand back line moved back
    • SEPTA – Plastic shields around bus operators
    • TriMET – Prioritizing putting buses with operator protective barrier into service (about half of fleet)
    • WMATA – Running 8-car trains but first and last railcars are closed to public to provide buffer for operators
  • PPE
    • Austin CapMetro – CapMetro is allowing operators to wear masks but not providing them, citing CDC guidelines
    • Denver RTD -Over 1,000 N95 respirator masks have been distributed and an additional 5,500 masks are expected to arrive at the end of April
    • Detroit – Gloves and wipes for drivers, with masks as available on request
    • LA Metro – Gloves for all frontline employees (operators, cleaners, etc.)
    • Las Vegas RTC – Operators given gloves and hand sanitizer
    • MBTA – Drivers provided with eyewear and gloves
    • Metrolinx (Toronto) – Face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer given to vehicle drivers, transit officers, cleaners, and station staff
    • Milwaukee MCTS – Distributing disinfectant and cleaning cloths to operators
    • Nashville MTA – Gloves for operators
    • NYC MTA – Facemasks for transit operators
    • Pittsburgh Port Authority – Operators supplied with gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray; Maintenance workers supplied with white jumpers, N95 masks and gloves
    • Sacramento Regional Transit – Providing employees with hand sanitizer, wipes and gloves
    • Salt Lake City RideUTA – Hand sanitizer provided to operators
    • SEPTA – Employees equipped with gloves and disinfectant wipes
    • Spokane Transit Authority – 2,380 N95 masks available to drivers and has another 260 N95 masks on hand for maintenance employees working around chemicals, fumes and paint
    • TriMET – All drivers given hand sanitizer
  • Social Distancing:
    • Dallas DART – Indoor waiting areas closed
    • Houston METRO – Seating reduced by 50 percent. Supported by digital signage
    • Minneapolis Metro Transit – Guidance that there should be only ten passengers on any bus or rail car. Adding service on busier routes to support.


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