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Thank you for attending the 2020 Virtual Missouri Public Transit Conference. We are pleased that you were able to join the Missouri Public Transit Association (MPTA) in shaping policy, developing networks, and collaborating to share knowledge and create new ideas for transit in Missouri especially in light of the challenging times we are experiencing with COVID-19. The MPTA was established in 1980 to provide a unified voice for public and specialized transportation providers in Missouri and to work toward elevating the status of public transit as a priority. This conference is one example of our work to ensure transit has a voice in Missouri and to recognize the essentialness of transit now more than ever.

Missouri public transit provides more than 60 million rides across the state each year. It is the sole means by which many Missourians can get to work, school and doctor appointments as well as gain access to goods, services and entertainment.  That said, the benefits extend far beyond getting people to and from destinations. Transit also creates jobs, stimulates local economies, attracts investment, reduces the number of single-occupancy cars on the roads, and contributes to the financial well-being of the state. Our recent 2019 Economic Impact Study of Public Transit in Missouri shows transit delivering more than $3 billion in economic returns, while supporting 29,000 jobs across the state. So whether an individual uses transit or not, Missouri needs transit.

Below you will find links to each of the conference sessions with accompanying presentations if available. For the full playlist – visit the YouTube page here.