Welcome Remarks by Mark Mehmert, MPTA President, and Mokhtee Ahmad, FTA Region VII Regional Administrator
“TransLoc Video Presentation” Video Presentation
Address by Patrick McKenna, MoDOT Director – “State of the State on Missouri Transit Funding”
Address by Scott Bogren, Executive Director of CTAA – “Where are We Today on Capitol Hill”

Patrick K. McKenna became Director of the Missouri Department of Transportation in December of 2015. As director of MoDOT, Mr. McKenna oversees all operations of the department. Prior to coming to Missouri, he served as the deputy commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation. Mr. McKenna also spent 13 years in Washington, D.C. working in the United States Senate, serving as chief financial officer among other positions. Mr. McKenna was elected to a one-year term as president of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) in October of 2019. The previous year, he served as vice president of the association and chair of the Strategic Management Committee and Transportation Policy Forum during the development of AASHTO’s surface transportation reauthorization policy. He is also a member of AASHTO’s executive committee.

CTAA Executive Director Scott Bogren has been working with, writing about and covering the community and public transportation industry for nearly three decades. His experience with CTAA includes being Editor-in-Chief of Community Transportation Magazine; crafting the Association’s various legislative, policy and regulatory positions on Capitol Hill; and shaping CTAA’s communications, training and leadership activities. Transit funding sources have remained unchanged for the last 24 years, while costs for transportation projects have gone up. Find out more as Bogren addresses the transit funding landscape of 2020.