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MPTA Education Series Highlights Tools for Frontline Worker Succession Planning

The latest MPTA Education Series event focused on tools transit providers can use to develop succession planning focused on frontline workers, including operators and mechanics.  MPTA members were joined by experts from the Transit Workforce Center, including Patricia Greenfield, Senior Director – Workforce Education and Karitsa Holdzkom, Senior Policy Analyst, who provided participants with a deep dive on succession planning from the frontline worker perspective, including:

  • Opportunities and challenges associated with an aging workforce
  • Mentorship as an effective tool for succession planning and boosting recruitment
  • What makes mentorship programs successful
  • How mentorship programs are scalable depending on the size of the agency
  • Data and stories showcasing the effectiveness of mentorship programs on a variety of metrics

Pat and Karitsa suggested providers considering mentorship programs connect with the Transit Workforce Center, as well as other providers – such as Metro Transit in St. Louis and KCATA in Kansas City, who have developed their own programs.

View a recording of the MPTA Education Series event below:

Resources shared by the Transit Workforce Center:


As a reminder, this was part two of a two-part series focused on succession planning.  You can view part one – Succession Planning from an Organizational Perspective, featuring Caryn Souza of CTAA HERE.