CTA receives Funding for New Bus Shelters and Vans to Meet Demand

In May, United Way of Southeast Missouri announced an investment in the transit system in Cape Girardeau County.  The Transportation Coalition of the United Way of Southeast Missouri announced the investment in five new bus shelters:One by the Cape Meadows Apartments, North Silver Springs, Boxwood, Shawnee Park Center, the Health Department and across the local Police Station.

Along with the shelters, CTA has also ordered new vans, along with receiving two new wheelchair-accessible minivans already. The new vans should arrive by July.  Senior residents can purchase up to 40 coupons per month at $4 each for a one-way trip anywhere in Cape County on the CTA van service Those with developmental disabilities can purchase coupons for $2 for similar routes.

CTA and United Way are continuing to search for additional sources of funding to help individuals with transportation needs.

For more information about CTA, please visit their website by clicking the link here. https://www.cgcta.com/