APTA Urging Public Transit Providers to Ensure All COVID Relief Obligated

As the federal government wrestles with the latest debt ceiling crisis, the American Public Transit Association is urging transit providers across the country to ensure their COVID–19 relief funds are obligated by the end of May.  Transit providers across the country received  $69.5 billion in COVID-19 emergency funding in 2020 and 2021. These funds were critical to the survival of agencies in Missouri and across the country.   Now, Congress may eliminate all unobligated COVID-19 transit funding as early as June 1.

As Congress looks to reduce federal spending, there is transportation related COVID relief money not yet obligated including $3 billion in Transit Infrastructure Grants.

Transportation-Related COVID Relief Funding Remaining Unobligated As of March 31, 2023
Acct. Numb. Account Name Billion $  
069-2812 Transit Infrastructure Grants 3.089  
069-0110 Aviation Manufacturing Payroll Support 2.309  
069-0548 Highway Infrastructure Grants 2.307  
020-0158 Pandemic Relief for Aviation Workers 0.489  
020-1894 Air Carrier Worker Support 0.369  
069-8106 Grants-in-Aid to Airports 0.125  
069-2815 Relief for Airports 0.056  
020-0156 Transportation Services Economic Relief 0.025  


“We are urging Missouri transit providers to double check to make sure all their grant funding is obligated by the end of this month,” said Kim Cella, MPTA Executive Director. “This funding has been critical for Missouri to continue to be able to provide service as the impacts of the pandemic continue to linger in the transit industry including reduced ridership and operator shortages.”