MPTA Education Series Highlights Future of KC Streetcar and Funding Options

On February 7, the MPTA’s Education Series Event highlighted the Kansas City Streetcar including expansion work underway as well as future funding options. The panel included Tom Gerend, Executive Director of the Kansas City Streetcar Authority and David Johnson, Project Leader at TransPro and Chair of the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance. They discussed the status of the expansion projects, as well as the regional funding opportunities that might fund future expansions.
Gerend outlined the history of the KC Streetcar and highlighted the two expansion projects underway – the Main Street extension under construction and the expansion from the River Market to Berkeley Riverfront Park. “The goal was to use transit as a catalyst to grow the city,” said Gerend. Every decision made around the streetcar is looked at through the lense of the goals of the organization: Connect, Develop, Thrive and Sustain.


Johnson then outlined the status of funding for public transit and the role the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance will play in those conversations moving forward. He underscored the critical need to build support for the renewal of the KCMO 3/8 cent sales tax which has to be renewed by April, 2024. In addition, he outlined other options for funding the Kansas City region. Click below to view the full webinar.