Go COMO Ads Service on Gold Route in Columbia starting Aug. 1

redroutegocomoEffective Monday, Aug. 1, Go COMO transit will provide service to 10 new bus stops on the gold route, giving riders increased access to Columbia. The gold route, which currently starts at the Wabash Bus Station and travels west along the Worley Street corridor, will now also head north toward Parkade Plaza. In doing so, it will stop at two new stops along North Garth Avenue, four new stops on the Business Loop and four new stops on West Sexton Road.

The specific locations of these 10 new stops will be at:

-North Garth Avenue at Oak Towers Apartments

-North Garth Avenue at Austin Avenue

-Business Loop 70 West at North Garth Avenue

-Business Loop 70 West at Rusk Rehabilitation Hospital

-Business Loop 70 West at Parkade Boulevard

-Business Loop 70 West at Parkade Plaza

-West Sexton Road at Business Loop 70 West

-West Sexton Road at Mikel Street

-West Sexton Road at Jefferson Street

-West Sexton Road at Oak Street

After visiting these 10 new stops, the bus will return to its existing route on West Worley Street and travel west toward Columbia Mall. After reaching the mall, it will head directly back to the Wabash Bus Station, not revisiting the Business Loop during its eastbound return trip.

In order to maintain a route time of 45 minutes, the gold route will unfortunately no longer be able to serve the Walmart Supercenter area on West Broadway. Riders who wish to visit this location must use the red route, which will continue to provide service to the West Broadway Walmart area after Aug. 1.

In addition to the changes to the gold route coming Aug. 1, the western section of the red route will also be altered slightly to travel along West Worley Street instead of West Ash Street. This small alteration will allow the red route to pick up two stops formerly serviced by the gold route. These two stops are West Worley Street at Park De Ville Drive, and West Worley Street at Basin Drive.

To review the changes being made to the gold and red routes, please see the attached flyers with updated maps and schedules. These flyers will be made available to riders on the gold and red routes today, and on all routes later this week.

Riders will also be able to review details of the new routes on City social media, via the Go COMO app and on the Go COMO website,