CCW Legislation

House Perfects CCW on Transit Bill

On Wednesday, the House took up HB 52 for perfection.  HB 52, sponsored by Representative Adam Schnelting (R-St. Charles), allows a concealed carry permit holder to lawfully carry firearms on public transportation, as defined in the bill. It is currently a crime to board a bus or train with a dangerous or deadly weapon or carry such a weapon in a terminal. The bill allows anyone with a permit may also carry a firearm while traveling by bus. This bill does not apply to property of Amtrak or any partnership in which Amtrak engages.   While there were several members who spoke in opposition to the bill, the bill was perfected without any changes being made to the bill.

The bill was not Third Read by the House this week but it will likely be on the Third Reading Calendar for action next week.  If it receives the necessary votes in the House, it will then move to the Senate.