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MO Transit is Delivering, Now is Not the Time to Abandon the Bus

Public transit around the country continues to face declining ridership and revenues due to the upheaval of COVID-19. Even during these challenging times, public transit is delivering essential service and supporting millions of jobs and the economic health of communities in Missouri. The 2019 Economic Impact of Transit in Missouri report stated that public transit has had more than a $3.67 billion direct and indirect impact on the state and supported 29,000 jobs. However, the impact of the pandemic continues to batter these returns.

Organizations across the country and in Missouri are urging Congress and the President to pass a bill to #SaveTransit and #SaveJobs. Transit funding is not just for riders – it impacts transit workers, small business owners, those who manufacture and repair transit components, front line workers and many others

The current surface transportation law, known as the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act), expires on Sept. 30. The Missouri Public Transit Association, which represents all 34 providers in the state, including those locally, is urging for a bill that includes – a one-year extension of the current surface transportation law, with increased investment levels; emergency federal funding for public transit via a second relief bill like the CARES Act; and provisions to ensure solvency of the Highway Trust Fund.

Extend the FAST Act, move the COVID Relief Package forward for #TRANSIT and ensure solvency of the Highway Trust Fund. Missouri Transit is delivering, now is not the time to abandon the bus.


Kimberly Cella, Executive Director

Missouri Public Transit Association