KC’s MPO Working Towards Multimodal Transportation Plan Update

Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) is currently working toward a regional transportation plan update for the greater Kansas City area. The project website can be found at: https://www.marc.org/Transportation/Metropolitan-Transportation-Plan/Long-Range-Transportation-Plan/Regional-Transportation-Plan-2050.html.   The project will soon undergo a name change from Regional Transportation Plan 2050 to Connected KC 2050 very shortly.

This long-range transportation plan establishes a vision for transportation for the region including current needs, goals, and strategies to help meet identified needs. It is a 30-year plan designed to address challenges like climate change and shifting demographics, while also considering the likely conversion of the fleet to electric and/or autonomous vehicles. The plan includes all modes—from walking to transit to roads and bridges. Per federal regulations, it will include a fiscally-constrained list of transportation projects. Connected KC 2050 is currently on-track for adoption in the Spring of 2020.