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Sponsorship Opportunity: Recruiting, Hiring, Building, Developing and Retaining a Sustainable Driver Workforce Training

Missouri Public Transit Association is offering a special one-day training on Recruiting, Hiring, Building, Developing and Retaining a Sustainable Driver Workforce in partnership with the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) on October 29, 2019 in Jefferson City, MO at MoDOT Central Offices, 1511 Missouri Blvd., Blue Room, Jefferson City, MO. Here is your opportunity to spotlight your organization as a sponsor of this one-day training course.

Transit rider recruitment and retention is top of mind for Missouri transit providers as well as providers from the surrounding states who will be invited to attend this event.   Drivers are the front-line representatives for any agency. So what can transit leaders do to address the current driver shortage? Organizational awareness, executive support, and understanding effective employee relations are critical factors impacting service and are key in any effort to address driver shortages. Very few decisions a supervisor makes has the importance of hiring an individual, particularly in the critical customer service position as a driver.

The effort and attention that’s put into all aspects of employee retention has a direct correlation on the need for driver recruitment. Throughout this interactive one-day session, participants will learn about all aspects of driver recruitment and retention with the focus on building a sustainable driver workforce that engages the best people with the right attitude, which ultimately leads to job satisfaction and reduced employee turnover.

Participants will receive the necessary tools to develop a working implementation plan that’s tailored to your organization that will outline tasks and action items focused on developing and maintaining a successful driver recruitment and retention program.

We are excited about having the opportunity to offer this important training to MO providers as well as providers in the surrounding states. Consider joining us a sponsor today!

Partner Sponsor at $500

Includes two registrations for the event, signage at the event, and the participant list following event.

Premium Sponsor at $1000

Includes 4 registrations for the event, sponsor logo on all invitation materials, signage, coverage on website/social media and exhibit space at the event and the participant list following the event.

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