APTA Says Public Transit Infrastructure Needs at Least $232 Billion

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) released new research identifying at least $232 billion in critical public transportation investments. The report was released at the APTA’s annual legislative conference, highlighting significant industry needs.

APTA analyzed the impact of investment in public transportation, including the resulting long-term productivity enhancements, and reported that $232 billion spent over 10 years would result in a 4-to-1 return of $928 billion in economic activity over the next two decades.

The report contains APTA member-specific information on regional and local public transportation projects across the U.S., from those in need of major repair or maintenance to new priorities including terminal constructions and electric bus fleets. Members identified more than $5 billion in cutting-edge electrification projects that would modernize systems nationwide.

The APTA gathers data from three key categories: projects in the Capital Investment Grants pipeline, Priority Projects, and state of good repair projects. According to the most U.S. Department of Transportation, there is a $90 billion backlog of state of good repair needs.

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