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City Utilities focusing on rider experience with new tools

Beginning Monday, February 12, City Utilities Transit Department in Springfield is rolling out three new products to help improve our customer experience.


  • Mobile Ticketing: Bus passengers can now get their bus passes directly on their smartphone using the Token Transit app.  “This app will allow our customers to purchase and store their bus passes on their smartphones, eliminating the need for additional trips just to purchase passes and eliminating the need to keep track of paper passes.  We hope that our customers see mobile ticketing as a great benefit and improvement in convenience.” – Kelly Turner, Director – Transit
  • Smart Cards: Another new ticketing option for City Utilities Transit customers is new Smart Cards.  These plastic cards are a new choice for customers who want to replace their 7-day or 31-day paper pass.  These cards are more durable than paper passes and are reloadable, creating a more convenient option for bus riders.
  • Route Shout 2 : City Utilities Transit customers have been using the Route Shout trip planning app for several years.  City Utilities and RouteMatch recognized the limitations of the app, and the occasional difficulties it caused for our customers.  We are now excited to make Route Shout 2 available to our customers.  The Route Shout 2 app has improved accuracy, user functionality, and now has the ability to clearly show the bus routes and live bus tracking.  This app should improve our customers’ experience in trip planning.


“We are excited to bring these new options to our customers, and we hope that this improves the convenience and effectiveness of our bus system for all of our passengers,” said Turner.  Please visit www.cutransit.net for more information.