Meet MPTA highlights Jefferson City Transit

As a part of the Missouri Public Transit Association’s efforts to promote our members and the services they provide in MO, we launched a new series, MEET MPTA. This week we are highlighting the services provided by Jefferson City Transit serving the City of Jefferson City.

Jefferson City Transit, or JEFFTRAN, is the transportation division of the Jefferson City Public Works. JEFFTRAN has 29 employees, most of whom are bus drivers.  JEFFTRAN’s service area is the city limits of Jefferson City, which is approximately 38 square miles.  Ridership on JEFFTRAN in FY 2015 was 313,750.  Jefferson City’s paratransit service (called Handiwheels) provided over 55,000 of those rides.

JEFFTRAN will celebrate its riders on “Ride the Bus Free Day,” which is tentatively scheduled for Monday, October 10, 2016.  All rides on JEFFTRAN’s fixed routes that day will be free of charge.  Last year’s event resulted in a doubling of ridership on that day.

In addition, in conjunction with the local MPO, JEFFTRAN is currently evaluating RFQs for an updated comprehensive transit study.  The last study was conducted in 2006.

In addition to providing safe transit for the community today and looking to the future of transit in Jefferson City, JEFFTRAN drivers have been recognized for their excellence in service. JEFFTRAN driver Jim Stegeman was recently recognized as Jefferson City’s Outstanding Employee in January for his role in keeping his passengers safe in the community.

MPTA board member and Transit Director for JEFFTRAN Mark Mehmert said, “A key to the success of our service is the quality employees we have at JEFFTRAN.  Jim is a great example of one of our dedicated drivers who go above and beyond the call of duty for transit in MO.”


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