Conceal and carry discussions continue on transit in MO

Scottmelies11Various bills have been introduced in the MO House of Representatives and the MO Senate this session which would allow individuals with conceal/carry permits to carry their firearms on public transit buses, vans, trains, and other spaces owned or operated by a public transit provider including SB 782 sponsored by Senator Bob Onder, Lake St. Louis.  In light of the understanding that allowing firearms on public transit may serve as a detriment to ridership and has not been proven to enhance safety and security of the system, many Missouri Public Transit Association (MPTA) members are opposing any legislation which would allow carrying concealed weapons (CCW) on transit.

Several Missouri transit providers including Metro, KCATA, and City Utilities of Springfield have publicly expressed opposition to these bills as well. Reasons cited for opposing legislation included the lack of local control to determine what was best for the particular system and passenger safety concerns.  

“A safe, reliable, affordable, and efficient public transportation system in Missouri increases access to health care, education, and employment in our state. However, ridership experience — especially safety and security on platforms, stations, trains and buses — must be a top priority. If the public does not have confidence in a system’s safety and security, they are less likely to use the system and less likely to support public transit. Allowing firearms on transit is not the answer to enhancing the safety and security of these systems,” said Cindy Baker, President of the MPTA.

The Missouri Public Transit Association (MPTA) was established in 1980 to provide a unified voice for public and specialized transportation providers in Missouri and to work toward elevating the status of public transit as a priority. Thirty-five years later we continue to work to ensure transit has a voice in this state. MPTA transit provider members provide more than 67 million rides almost everywhere for everybody every day in Missouri, and they employ thousands in Missouri’s rural and urban communities.

 A hearing is possible in the next week on Senator Onder’s SB 782. This bill would allow for those individuals with concealed carry permits to carry their weapons on public transit buses, vans, trains as well as onto property owned by the system.  Senator Onder filed similar legislation in the 2015 session.

If any of these individuals represent the areas you serve please contact them and inform them you are opposed to SB 782.



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