CMT celebrates 30th year with more programming in 2015

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Posted 02/26/2015 by 

Tomorrow marks the halfway point of CMT’s 30th Anniversary year, and we have loads more to do to move transit forward in the region. We are excited to share all of these great events with CMT members and friends as a part of our 30th Anniversary celebration.

We know public transit is the key to bringing our community together.  It connects individuals to jobs, communities and each other.

We may be celebrating thirty years this year, but we know our job is not done.   We can move forward both incremental projects and a larger vision for transit, but only as funding allows. CMT’s ‘job one’ is to find a funding mechanism which works for this region and to build much needed support to censure transit connects us to our communities and to each other.   The CMT commissioned Transit Financing Study with Transportation for America continues to move forward.  It is a six month study running through July, 2015 to look at possible funding options for transit in our region.   Look for results to be available at about the same time as the CMT 30th Anniversary celebration.

If you believe transit is a priority for this region, please consider joining CMT today to help move transit forward.   Join online today! Hope to see you in the second half of  FY15.

With that said, we hope you will join us for some of the upcoming events on the calendar for the second half of FY15.