Thank you for Supporting Amendment 7

To begin, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for supporting Amendment 7. 

While we know Amendment 7 was the best option for Missourians, they have proved time and time again they dislike tax increases, and unfortunately this measure was no exception. We spent eight years traveling the state, talking to citizens, and working with lawmakers to formulate this solution, but the less than receptive attitude in combination with other tax policy changes this year were just too much to overcome. However, what we can all be proud of is the formation of one of the strongest coalitions in the state and a tremendous campaign against difficult odds. This hard work is reflected in the wide variety of supporters—groups who normally are at odds banded together to push for this measure joined forces for the betterment of our state. 

Even though the measure did not pass, we feel tremendous steps were made in educating the public about the problems facing our transportation system. The funding crisis is not going to improve, it will only get worse, and we are not going to stop working to find a solution. We commend you all for working so diligently to educate friends, neighbors, and coworkers about the needs of our transportation infrastructure, and, hopefully, voters will be more receptive to the next proposal. 

Looking to the future, we hope to be able to count on your support for the next transportation measure. After years of working to find the answer to transportation funding, we hope to soon find a solution that is both practical and passable. 

Once again, we cannot fully express how thankful we are for the support you have offered our coalition during this campaign.


Bill McKenna and Rudy Farber

Paid for by Missourians for Safe Transportation and New Jobs, Bill McKenna, Treasurer