News All Transit People Can Use

Some bits and pieces of news important to all in the public transit industry:

Regarding alcohol and drug testing requirements–the status of lawsuit challenging the U-S Department of Transportation's new Direct Observation requirement has been delayed until January of '09, until a DC Circuit Court of Appeals can further review the matter.  Take a look at the Federal Register notice here.

If your transit system is participating in TransitWatch–using visual and other public awareness campaign materials to encourage riders to report suspicious packages, unusual behavior, and otherwise promote safe ridership, significant enhancements have been made, and a new "toolkit" is available, including the translation of the original materials into Spanish.  A downloadable CD is available, as well as printed publications from TransitWatch.

The new Bus Transit Safety quarterly newsletter is out.  Check it out for information on new directions in bus safety, new safety training programs, industry accident and incident trends, and more.  As more people ride public transit, these and other safety issues become paramount.  Order a copy of the newsletter online from the Transit Safety site.