About MPTA

Missouri Public Transit Association (MPTA) was established in 1980 as a Missouri non-profit corporation. It was formed to provide a unified voice for public and specialized transportation providers in Missouri and to work toward elevating the status of public transit as a national priority.

In 1983, MPTA established an office in Kansas City. Today, the
association is managed by a full time Executive Director and
professional support staff. MPTA’s staff provides legislative liaison
and its office serves as a central clearinghouse for member information
and requests for assistance. The association has developed a variety of
programs to facilitate education and networking among transit
professionals in Missouri.

Membership in MPTA is open to anyone who has an interest in the future
of public transit in Missouri. Transit system members range from large
urban systems to single vehicle agencies in the most rural counties of
the state. Affiliate members include representatives of sheltered
workshops, community organizations, citizen advocacy groups, government
and quasi-government agencies and industry suppliers.