4.24 Talking Transit

April 24 “Talking Transit” Panel Discussion Will Highlight the Impacts of Public Transit Access on Public Health

MPTA member organization Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) will host a panel event next month via Zoom. Taking place on Wednesday, April 24, at 8:30 am, the “Talking Transit” event will highlight the intersection between public health and transit access, looking specifically at case studies from Baltimore, Minneapolis, and Charlotte.

The panel will feature transportation advocates and professionals, along with public health and urban planning researchers. This includes Megan Latshaw, Associate Teaching Professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Samuel Jordan, President of the Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition; Laura Barrie Smith, Senior Research Associate at the Urban Institute, and Jason Lawrence, Chief Transit Planning Officer at Charlotte Area Transit Systems. The discussion will be moderated by Kimberly Cella, executive director of MPTA and CMT.

Pre-registration is required for the April 24 event and can be completed online here.


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