MPTA Peer Round Table Highlighted KCATA Recruitment Story

The latest MPTA Peer Round Table focused on the KCATA Recruitment Story with June Berry, Senior Director of Human Resources at KCATA.  Berry outlined the successful recruitment and retention efforts amid a challenging labor market.

Strategies outlined included:

  • Clearly outlining the qualifications and skill requirements
  • Utilize job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed
  • Hire Incentives
  • Leverage social media and print ads
  • Collaborate with local driving schools and local colleges
  • Community outreach – full employment council, Goodwill, VA and military outreach
  • Career Fairs, pop-up job fairs and networking events.

Berry suggested being ready to have conversations about opportunities at all times and at all events. Other strategies included utilizing QR codes on all materials including yard signs, employee referral bonuses of $500, and ongoing training and evaluation.  In January 2023, KCATA also increased the wage rate for operators to $24.11 per hour. Operators top out at $32.14 after four years.

One of the biggest issues is low qualified labor pool as well as the more challenging shifts for new operators.  Currently, KCATA  is averaging more than 95 percent retention rate on a monthly basis. Pop-up job fairs seem to be the successful channel for bringing in new operators.

View a recording of the peer round table below: