MPTA Education May 23

MPTA Education Series Provides Learning Opportunity and Resources for Providers Facing Drug & Alcohol Testing Issues in the Face of Marijuana Legalization

On May 3, the MPTA’s Education Series event highlighted the need for a renewed focus on drug and alcohol testing policies and procedures following the statewide legalization of marijuana.

The panel included Iyon Rosario, Senior Drug and Alcohol Program Manager at the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Jonathan Flint, Transit Manager at Steamboat Springs Transit in Colorado.  They discussed the resources available to providers, common pitfalls operators run into, communication and training best practices, lessons learned, and more.

Rosario shared a variety of resources made available by FTA to aid in the communication, training, and enforcement of drug and alcohol testing, as well as the best ways to stay informed of changes to testing policies and procedures going forward.  Those resources are linked below.

Flint provided an overview of Steamboat Springs Transit’s experience with legalization and how they’ve adapted to provide robust training, communication, and a second chance program to help overcome testing barriers associated with recruitment and retention.

Click below to view the full webinar and access a variety of FTA resources.


Federal Transit Administration (FTA) resources discussed during the webinar: