MoDOT Presents Budget Requests to House Appropriations Sub-Committee


This past week, MoDOT presented its budget requests to the House Subcommittee on Appropriations – Public Safety, Corrections, Transportation, and Revenue. A transit request of $17.1M including $15.45 million from General Revenue made the list, a top priority for the Missouri Public Transit Association.


In January, Governor Parson presented his budget requests as a part of his State of the State omitting support for transit.  Last year, the legislature allocated a historic $8.7 million for public transit.

This week, MoDOT requested $15.4 million from General Revenue and $1.7 million from the State Transportation Fund for operating and capital costs for Missouri’s 34 transit providers. This budget request can be found on page 589 of the Department of Transportation Book 2 located here.


Transit supporters have an opportunity to reach out to members of the House Sub-Committee on Appropriations to underscore your support for transit:


Missouri State Rep. Email Legislative District
Owen, Bill – Chair  Springfield
Evans, David – Vice-Chair  West Plains
Aldridge, Rasheen  St. Louis
Christ, Brad  St. Louis
Collins, Kimberly Ann  St. Louis
Cook, Bennie  Houston
Ealy, Anthony  Jackson, Grandview
Hausman, Wendy  St. Charles
Kalberloh, Jim  St. Clair, Hickory, Benton, Henry
Lavender, Deb  Manchester, St. Louis
Mayhew, Don  Pulaski, Miller
Roberts, Lane  Joplin
Sparks, Justin  Wildwood
West, Richard  Wentzville