Missouri Public Transit Association Spotlights SMTS’s Beverly Crawford

Each month, the Missouri Public Transit Association (MPTA) spotlights transit operators from across the state to highlight their work and commitment to transit. For the month of February, we are pleased to spotlight Beverly Crawford from Southeast Missouri Transportation Service. (SMTS)

For the past 26 years, Beverly has committed her time to help people meet their specific needs on a daily basis as a transit operator and then Operations Coordinator. Her favorite part of the job is making connections with regular riders and making them feel as special as possible. Crawford was an SMTS operator for almost 22 years until she was promoted to Coordinator and Supervisor for Howell, Oregon, Shannon, and Texas Counties recently.

During Crawford’s current and past roles at SMTS, she has expressed how important it is to ensure that her regular riders feel independent daily. She knows that public transit is a vital necessity to her county and allowing those a chance to take care of their personal needs on their own is very important.

Crawford expressed that days as an operator can be long, especially during these last several years. Her favorite quote to get her through her shifts with a smile on her face was, “Being thankful when I’m tired and weary because I know then that I made a difference.”

“Beverly is a wonderful example of the key components it takes to make a great transit driver,” said Ginny Smith, Director of Operations at SMTS. “She is caring, compassionate, and above all hardworking. She makes our riders her priority by ensuring their experience with our service is positive. I am fortunate to have her as an employee and friend.”

For anyone that is interested in becoming a Transit Operator, Crawford’s response is that this job is for anyone that loves people. “If you love making a difference and getting to know such wonderful people. Being an operator is the perfect job for you,” said Crawford.

Crawford encourages anyone she meets with a smile on her face, we are more than pleased to celebrate her as this month’s highlighted operator.


If you know an operator that you would like to nominate for the next Operator of the Month, email the team at mmenn@mopublictransit.org