Missouri Public Transit Association Spotlights Metro Transit MetroBus Operator Arleta Jones

Each month, the Missouri Public Transit Association (MPTA) will be highlighting transit operators from across the state to highlight their work and commitment to transit. For January, we are highlighting St. Louis Metro Transit MetroBus Operator Arleta Jones.


For the past 22 years, Jones has been a bus operator in the city of St. Louis. She is determined to make sure that her passengers have a wonderful and safe ride to their needed destinations. Arleta is motivated every day to come to work and be a help to anyone that needs her as much as she can. Since starting her bus operator career in St. Louis, Arleta has become very familiar with all the different routes. With that, she makes sure that she is ready to take on any challenge and is committed to the safety of her passengers by knowing her whereabouts completely.


Arleta expressed how easy it is to take Metro Transit with the great connections and quick timing to get into the city. Since Metro Transit serves the downtown area, Jones highlights many of the St. Louis attractions that are close to transit stops, including The Delmar Loop.


For anyone that is interested in becoming a Transit Operator, Jones’ response is to “Come Aboard!” She is pleased with the benefits, comfortable starting pay, and nice retirement. Arleta truly wants her passengers to know that she is available for them and to feel as comfortable getting where they need to be. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to recognize operators like Arleta who are dedicated, compassionate, and ready to serve each and every rider,” said Kim Cella, Executive Director of MPTA.


If you know an operator that you would like to nominate for the next Operator of the Month, email the team at mmenn@mopublictransit.org