Missouri Public Transit Association’s Operator of the Month; Charles Henderson (KCATA.)

Each month, MPTA will be highlighting a transit operator that fits the bill of a true transit champion. For December, we are highlighting RideKC Operator Charles Henderson.


For the past 28 years, Henderson has been a bus operator delivering top-notch customer service daily to every one of his riders. Henderson is said to have a smile that is contagious and will always greet those who step on his bus with a friendly hello and leave them with a warm goodbye. Henderson’s team can count on him coming to work ready to serve his community with pride. He is said to make everyone he encounters during his shifts feel special.


Apart from being MPTA’s Operator of the Month, Charles along with 15 other transit operators was presented with a Missouri Transit Operator Champion award this past September at the 2022 Missouri State Conference and Expo. Henderson’s award was announced on RideKC’s socials which were flooded with many warm reactions and positive comments celebrating him and his achievements.


We are pleased to begin this series of recognizing operators with someone as hardworking and dedicated as Charles.


If you know an operator that you would like to nominate for the next Operator of the Month, email the team at