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Looking for a Career Change or New Path? Consider Becoming a Transit Driver

Opportunities available across Missouri

Looking for a new career path? Transit driver positions are open across the state of Missouri and offer competitive pay and benefits.  Transit drivers are an essential part of moving Missouri every day.  If you or someone you know would be a great fit for a transit driver role,  take a look at the job listings below.


GoCOMO City of Columbia, Missouri

Bus Driver

Van Driver

Bus Driver


Bi-State Development/ Metro Transit, St. Louis Missouri

Multiple Job Listings found here.


St. Joseph, Missouri

Application Process found here.


City of Joplin, Missouri

Bus Operator


City Utilities, Springfield Missouri

Bus Operators


KCATA, Kansas City Missouri

Bus Operator


CTA, Cape Girardeau, MO



JeffTran, Jefferson Missouri

Bus Operators