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KCATA Report to the KC Community

In July, KCATA was named the top public transit agency in North America for midsize agencies, and as of the last few months, they have new team members in place across nearly all levels of the organization who are bringing new ideas, new talents, and new momentum.

“Over the past three years, COVID has deeply affected transit systems across the country. One constant from my conversations during this time is that KCATA is always mentioned in discussions about leaders in equitable fare policies and diversifying mobility options,” said American Public Transportation Association President and CEO Paul P. Skoutelas.

As Mr. Skoutelas notes, KCATA has been —and will remain — a leader on a national scale. They have initiated a series of advancements that demonstrate our ability to connect people to opportunities beyond simply providing bus service. Whether it’s developing facilities that enable people to live and work closer to multi-modal transit, or it’s applying our expertise to events like the NFL Draft or World Cup, they have the expertise to ensure that people and commerce flow seamlessly throughout the region.

“Our Board and team are in-sync, and early successes reinforce my confidence that this momentum will continue,” said Melissa Bynum, Chair of the KCATA Board of Commissioners.


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