Kim Cella

As Gas Prices Hike Consider Taking Transit

As prices at the pump continue to rise, the Missouri Public Transit Association is encouraging area residents to consider utilizing public transportation. Public transit service is available to everyone, every day, in every county throughout the state. In fact, Missourians collectively take transit more than 40 million times a year because it gets them where they need to go.

Transit is a safe, convenient and cost-effective transportation option, but many shy away from it because of the unknowns – including which route or line to take, how to purchase tickets and more. To help ease these concerns, every Missouri transit provider offers information on how to use its system. Specifics about the transit provider(s) in your area can be accessed through

Transit continues to deliver on its promise to Missouri by providing access, opportunity and economic returns. And, there is no doubt it also delivers tremendous cost savings. The American Public Transportation Association estimates commuters who utilize transit save more than $9,000 annually – and that is prior to the state’s average gas price quickly approaching $4 per gallon.

Missourians have options. Now is the time to dump the pump and give transit a try.

Kimberly Cella, the executive director of the Missouri Public Transit Association

Featured Letter to the Editor in the Springfield News-Leader, March 20, 2022.