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Replay: MPTA Education Series Presents: Communicating Effectively with Employees During COVID-19

Communicating Effectively with Employees During COVID 19

The pandemic has created challenging times in transit agencies across the country, however, it is imperative to keep communication channels open with employees at all times. The recent MPTA Education Series highlighted these opportunities with the Oct. 13 Communicating Effectively with Employees During COVID-19 event.
KCATA Chief External Affairs Officer Cindy Baker and Vice President of People Development Susan Miller discussed communication strategies being employed at their agency to ensure success inside and outside their organization.

Miller and Baker discussed the people-centered approach to communications during COVID-19 stressing important points such as being informative, proactive, and transparent. Encouraging employees and expressing gratitude are just some small acts that can go a long way to boost morale.

Another consistent theme throughout the training was the role of organizational leadership serving as models for good behavior. Miller encouraged attendees to be consistent when giving employees a friendly reminder to continue to follow safety protocols. They also discussed somethings that surprised them as well, such as an employee message board that was well received and evolved past its original purpose of providing COVID-19 updates to a place where employees could share their thoughts.

Presentation materials available here:

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