FY20 THUD Bill Includes $400+ Increase for Bus Funding

FY20fundingThe final FY20 THUD Appropriations bill includes an increase of $453 million in bus funding. At this point, the bill is still on track for passage by both chambers this week with a signature from the President ahead of the Friday deadline according to The Bus Coalition. The House passed the legislation yesterday, with the Senate taking action later this week.

As part of a multi-bill package that would ensure federal government funding, the House voted 297 to 120 to advance $1 billion for the Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development, or BUILD, grants.

The legislation advances to the Senate, where lawmakers there will have a few days to consider it in order to avert a government shutdown. Funding for federal agencies expires Dec. 20.

Overall, the U.S. Department of Transportation would receive $86.2 billion, a decrease of about $324 million from the 2019 enacted level. The bill also would provide $49.3 billion for the Federal Highway Administration and $12.9 billion for the Federal Transit Administration. The overall total is $550 million less than the 2019 enacted level with total general fund appropriations having dropped by $761 million.