Oats New Scheduling and Routing

OATS Transit Working to Implement New Scheduling and Dispatching System Statewide

OATS Transit is more than half-way through the statewide implementation of a new scheduling and dispatching system. Riders are asked to plan their trips in advance of the OATS Transit vehicle arriving at their pickup location.

The new software requires a new procedure for ride scheduling and vehicle dispatching. The outcome will be greater efficiencies in the entire system and better use of available funding resources. Additionally, the new system is intended to be able to handle more riders with better routing of vehicles as well as operate with less funding resources and less backtracking with vehicles.

“We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work our way through the learning curve with the new system,” said Dorothy Yeager, OATS Transit Executive Director. “I cannot stress enough how this is the first step towards our vision of less paperwork, reduced costs and, ultimately, a more robust and efficient OATS transit service.”

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