CTAA Announces Two November Webinars on On-Demand Mobility and the NTD

As part of its ongoing webinar series on timely and innovative topics in the community and public transportation industry, CTAA will present two webinars in November.

The 12 Principles Driving Mobility On-Demand

On Friday, November 2 at 2:00 p.m. (Eastern), Pepper Harward of RouteMatch will outline the importance of crafting a vision for mobility in a community as it explores emerging on-demand mobility options. Mobility is at the core of what you strive to achieve every day. How you ensure new services and technologies deliver on the promise of transit and your ability to ensure no rider gets left behind doesn’t boil down to one simple answer or fix. But, there are some key principles that have the ability to shape and drive a future transportation ecosystem where mobility for all is a reality. Join us, as we explore these principles in greater depth and evaluate how these concepts impact your approach to creating and implementing mobility on-demand and alternative services, as well as how these principles are driving technology.

Click here to register – The 12 Principles Driving Mobility On-Demand


NTD Reporting Best Practices

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, November 20 at 2:00 p.m. (Eastern), CTAA will host a webinar on Best Practices in NTD Reporting. Every year, CTAA members and transit providers across the country experience challenges collecting and reporting data that’s required to be submitted to the National Transit Database (NTD). This webinar will provide resources in compiling and submitting transit data from CTAA staff and TransTrack Systems.

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