MPTA awarded 2017 APTA Local Coalition Grant

The Missouri Public Transit Association (MPTA) was recently selected as a recipient of a grant under the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) Local Transit Coalition Grant Program for 2017.   Through this grant, MPTA  will be equipped to develop an educational campaign focusing on identifying the impact of transit on Missouri’s residents and the economy.

This program will allow MPTA to build awareness throughout the state of Missouri the impact transit has on MO’s residents and its economy. The MO  Faces of Transit campaign will also target legislatures to tell the story of the impact of transit in their districts.
“The goal of this project would be to share the impact of transit on the everyday lives of Missouri residents, the key role it plays in MO’s economy, and the negative impact the lack of state fiscal support can have moving forward.   in order to increase transit ridership and investment in transit, an increase in awareness of transit and its benefits in communities across Missouri whether they ride it or not is key,” said Kimberly Cella,  MPTA Executive Director.