MPTA offers special APTA Webinar on latest research on Transit Ridership

Don’t miss the exciting opportunity on May 10 for MPTA members.   MPTA has been working with APTA on its latest research, “Who Rides Public Transportation,” and is offering a special
webinar on this latest report. The webinar is set for May 10, from 9 to 10 a.m. and is open to all MPTA members.  Darnell Chadwick Grisby, MPP, Director, Policy Development and Research, American Public Transportation Association, will lead the webinar.

Knowing your  market is key to promoting transit services especially in light of declining ridership in many markets. This report highlights the latest data on who is riding.
> You can make a reservation today for  “Who Rides Public Transit”- An APTA update on who is riding transit.