SmtsprovidermpaAs a part of the Missouri Public Transit Association's efforts to promote our members and the services they provide in MO, we are launching a new series, MEET MPTA. This week we are highlighting the services provided by Southeast Missouri Transportation Services, Inc. (SMTS).

Southeast Missouri Transportation Service, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit entity, providing rural public transportation for ANYONE in 20 counties in Missouri, ranking it the 2nd largest rural transportation provider in the State of Missouri and the Nation.  SMTS covers an additional five counties with non-emergency transportation. 

The mission of Southeast Missouri Transportation Service is to improve the quality of life of people through assisting their access to goods and services of society. Established in 1973, the company celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2013, and looks forward to meeting the needs of the general public for 40 more!

With 175 vehicles in its fleet, and an equal number of drivers on the road, SMTS provided nearly 300,000 individual rides in the last fiscal year, and drove over 3-million miles. As a highly credentialed 5311 provider, SMTS has been recognized on the Local, State and National level for Excellence in Service.  In addition, SMTS employs more than 175 individuals in the areas it serves.

SmtsvanUnder the guidance of Executive Director and MPTA Board member Denny Ward, and the oversight of its volunteer Board of Directors, SMTS is always looking for new ways to meet the transportation needs of the counties it serves.

“Transportation is kind of like electricity and water. You don’t think about it until it’s not there.  Then you think about it a lot. Our goal at SMTS is to ensure people don’t have to think about it in the areas we serve – all they think is SMTS will get us there,” said Executive Director Ward.

Check out SMTS and all they offer at  Call 1-800-273-0646 or 573-783-5505.

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