OATS, Inc. Pleased to Announce Another Certified Manager

From OATS, Inc. Press Release:

Springfield, MO
August 3, 2010

It’s not something that happens everyday, because it takes a 40-hour week’s worth of training to get this notch on your belt. But that is exactly what Jeff Robinson, Area Manager for OATS’ Southwest Region, has done.

Jeff has officially earned the status of Certified Community Transit Manager by the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA). Hired in August of 2007, Jeff has received the certification in only three short years, while continuing to uphold the responsibilities of his management position. Jeff’s certification raises the total number of OATS CCTM certified managers to twelve.

The CTAA describes this certified status as a "mark of the greatest performance and highest efficiency in the industry" and "proof of the ability to manage a comprehensive and dynamic community transportation system." In order to become certified, applicants are required to receive training in areas such as Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Transit Development and others. Applicants are also required to pass a three-hour long test that includes writing essays over each of the areas.

Linda Yaeger, Executive Director of OATS says, "This certification reflects a mastery of a variety of disciplines, all related to effective management of transit operations. Our employees’ dedication to being the best they can be is demonstrated by their willingness to earn this certification. We are very proud of Jeff and the others who have preceded him in these efforts."

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