OATS, Inc. Celebrates Saline County Driver for 15 Years of Service

From OATS Press Release (see link below for full article):

(Sedalia, Missouri, March 1, 2010) – It was 1995 when Corrine Wallace began her career with OATS. Her children were grown and had moved out on their own, and Corrine wanted something to do full time. She spoke to a friend who was working for OATS, and he convinced her it was a place she would enjoy.

Enjoy it Corrine does. She likes the driving, and she likes the people – those she works with and those she serves. "I talk to them a lot – I enjoy talking and visiting" says Corrine, recounting memories of her days driving the hospital runs. She always took into consideration that passengers might not be feeling well, or could be down about their illness. Corrine always made time to talk with them, to help them feel better and relax. "One lady didn’t know if she was going to make it – and I said, ‘why don't you give therapy a try and see?’ That made her relax and she tried it and is doing well now."

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