The Latest and Greatest in Disabled Mobility

By Chris Usselman


The latest technology and vehicle modifications are enabling people with disabilities the kind of mobility in society that was once only a dream.  It is this mobility that provides freedom and independence like never before.


What has made the world more accessible and convenient is the advancement of wheelchair accessible vehicles, driving systems, mobility seats, scooter lifts, and other vehicle modifications.


“I think the new, lowered-floor minivan has evolved to be the best, all-around advancement in this field because it accommodates most anyone in a wheelchair or scooter and provides unparalleled flexibility,” said Stephen Kinstler, a Mobility Specialist with United Access ( of St. Louis, who sell, install and service all types of advanced mobility technology.


Kinstler has been with United Access for five years.  He got his first modified vehicle after he lost the use of his legs from a rare viral disease.  Now he passionately educates people on the products and services that enable him to drive to work and raise a family.


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