Complete Streets – HB 642

The Missouri Public Transit Association testified in support of the Complete Streets legislation on March 3.  It is anticipated that the committee will vote on this legislation in the next week to ten days.  Act now – contact members of the House Transportation Committee  (Rep. Bob Dixon, Chair) to let them know you are in favor of this legislation and request their support when it comes up for vote.

A few simple points to communicate include:

·         The lack of sidewalks/bike facilities puts pressure on transit agencies to provide more fixed routes (at a higher cost) to provide access;

·         The lack of sidewalks/bike facilities puts pressure on paratransit service, because riders cannot access traditional fixed routes with ADA equipment; and

·         Very little funds are being directed to transit providers to help with operating costs; by not requiring appropriate planning for complete streets by MoDOT, an environment is being created that not only further raises operating costs, but also minimizes public mobility.

This is a very important issue.  All MPTA members are strongly encouraged to take action to support this bill.  Click here for MPTA’s letter of support for HB 642.